Waterproofing Repairs and Maintenance

Maintaining your waterproofing is essential to ensure the system is working successfully.

Waterproofing maintenance is essential to keeping the building envelope watertight. With Gunac | Waterproofing Specialists, you can have confidence that your buildings are in the capable hands of the waterproofing specialists. 

The need for ongoing building maintenance is of paramount importance. The building, whether a house, a high-rise structure, commercial unit or apartment complex is a substantial financial investment. As such needs to be well maintained in order to protect its value.

Gunac | Waterproofing Specialists provide a range of services in the area of waterproofing repair and maintenance solutions.

  • Specialised external coating work that can protect concrete, metal, wallboard cladding and timber substrates [walls & roof areas]
  • Long-term resolution of water ingress issues.
  • Maintenance plans and proposals

We can control all aspects of the work, from quoting to delivery, and operate with an experienced and talented group of associated trades, which include builders, plumbers, plasterers, electricians, metal workers, window & joinery contractors, to add value back into your property. 

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