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Whether waterproofing new buildings or remedying water issues on existing properties, we offer the benefits of our expertise, experience and service supplemented by quality products that provide long-term guaranteed protection.

Gunac | Waterproofing Specialists are approved applicators for New Zealand’s leading waterproofing systems. These waterproofing procedures can involve the use of Sheet Membranes, High Build Coatings, Sealants and a wide range of other specialist products.  With 40 years of experience in the Auckland Waterproofing industry, you can trust that we can provide the right solution for you.

Being part of Access | Partners in Property means  that you can be confident that your buildings will receive the best waterproofing products and workmanship available.

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As a client, you will be satisfied knowing your project will be led and completed by a qualified and certified team. Our team include Project managers and Quantity Surveyors who bring international experience to offer solutions for you.

Waterproofing Solutions

Gunac | Waterproofing Specialists work on waterproofing projects wherever there is a specified requirement for a guaranteed high-quality waterproofing system, from Sheet Membranes to Liquid Membranes.

Repairs and Maintenance

The need for ongoing building maintenance is of paramount importance. The building, whether a house, a high-rise structure, commercial unit or apartment complex is a substantial financial investment.


Our team uset quality materials and have 40 years experience applying membranes.  Architects, landlords and construction companies trust Gunac to waterproof their most complex and intricate designs.

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