Green Roofs

Gunac | Waterproofing Specialists can install the waterproofing membrane required for your green roof.

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A green roof system is a ‘living roof’ where you may find ballast or vegetation over the membrane. This specialist roof is designed to help retain water weight from the soil laid, preventing the water from causing leaks into the building.

How is a green roof achieved? 

An anti-root membrane is installed using a torch, on top of a prepped substrate. The application of this membrane is similar to any typical membrane. This anti-root membrane is specially designed to prevent roots from penetrating through the membrane and into the building. 

Why you should consider a green roof?

Green roofs create useable areas and are aesthetically pleasing. The added benefits of green roofs also include reduced rainwater runoff and providing natural insulation for the building, thereby reducing operating costs.

As with any expert required designs, Gunac | Waterproofing Specialists can install a green roof system for your new building or redevelop your existing roof to accommodate a green roof.

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