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From applying waterproofing coatings to rooves and building exteriors to decks, our specialised team can get the job done.

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Gunac | Waterproofing Specialists have a dedicated and experienced team of coatings technicians who specialise in the application of liquid membranes. Liquid membranes allow for greater flexibility and build-ups dependant on your requirements. They can be used in as little as 1 coat protective layers or topcoats to existing membranes up to fully vehicle trafficable systems and everything in between. Our team of Quantity Surveyors can offer a solution befit to your requirements or suggest the optimal solution for any repairs and maintenance issues. 

Liquid membranes can be applied to flat roofs, decks, gutters, external walls and below ground walls. Our technicians would meticulously apply coatings using brush, roller or spray.

Although liquid membranes require more maintenance and, in general, have a shorter warranty period time compared to the sheet membranes, their benefits are in sequencing of work and the ability to complete effective and seamless repairs. They can also be top coated using the same system potentially extending the warranty of the overall system.

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