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Whether the project requires TPO, PVC or RMB (Reinforced Modified Bitumen) formally known as Torch-on membrane, our expert applicators can get the job done.

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Gunac | Waterproofing Specialists have a team of experienced membrane technicians who are skilled in applying many premanufactured sheet products; double layer membranes and single layer membranes.

Double layer membrane commonly consists of torch applied bitumen-based membranes and single layer membrane consists of TPO, PVC and Butyl rubber membranes. 

Our teams use this waterproofing method for above ground applications for areas including decks, box gutters or flat roofs, and below ground application where applicable. Sheet membrane can be applied over plywood, concrete, and warm roof systems. Gunac can also utilise certain variations of this membrane in planter boxes or as trafficable membranes for decks. Our qualified team of Quantity Surveyors will tailor the methodology to offer you a cost effective and waterproof solution. 

With our expert application we can provide a 5-year warranty for workmanship as well as a 20-year product warranty (dependant on specification and support by waterproofing system suppliers).

Angelsea Tower -  Viking TPO
Americold Storage Expansion - Sika Sarnafil

Torch On, PVC and TPO application

The double layer RMB (Reinforced Modified Bitumen) membrane formally known as torch on membrane is a flame applied membrane. A membrane primer is applied onto the surface and then the bitumen roll is melted and rolled firmly in place. This melting process allows for a strong adhesion to the substrate and it is in itself a fully waterproof layer. The cap sheet is then applied in the same manner. It is however, staggered, so the laps are “brick bonded” meaning water has a much more difficult time tracking into the property. 

Single layer membranes (TPO and PVC) are a cold applied system. i.e. it is applied utilising a contact adhesive with the membrane being applied directly on top once applied or is self adhesive (peel and stick). These are then heat welded together using hot air in lieu of a small gas torch. 

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