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Our team are experts in warm roof systems and have installed these for several clients.

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A warm roof is a roof system where the insulation is found on the outside. Gunac | Waterproofing Specialists are experts in warm roof systems, having completed these systems for a range of clients including, commercial buildings, schools, hotels and more. 

A warm roof system has project specific requirements and can be retrofitted to any roof substrate including metal, concrete or timber. A typical warm room system comprises of a substrate, a vapour barrier, PIR board and a sheet membrane.

There are several benefits of installing a warm roof on your existing or new building.

With the warm roof system:

  • The roof is more breathable as moisture can easily escape
  • It can be retrofitted to existing roof structures
  • The PIR board can be tapered which will increase falls and help reduce ponding
  • The roof can add value to your property
  • There may be an overall reduction in maintenance of the roof 
  • The roof increases heat retention of the building, creating a warmer house or building

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