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Anglesea Tower – TPO Membrane Installation

March 31, 2021
Oyster Property Group
Project Type:
Roof Renewal
Project Length:
5-6 weeks

Our Hamilton team were recently awarded the opportunity to complete a roof renewal project using a TPO membrane system at the Anglesea Tower in Hamilton CBD.

The objective of this project was to achieve a watertight finish through removing the existing membrane system and replacing with new Viking TPO System. The team began with removing and disposing the existing tarseal and membrane.

Due to the works being performed at considerable height, a chute was installed for easy disposal and a scaffolding was installed along the side of the building façade for safety. This demolition work was staged meticulously to ensure no water ingress occured.

The building was occupied during the duration of the project therefore, the team had carefully scheduled all noisy works during early hours to avoid disruption to our client’s tenants.

Following the removal of the existing membrane, the concrete substrate was cleaned and grinded to ensure adhesion of the new membrane. Two coats of Viking Surface Sealer was applied to ensure the moisture from the concrete does not travel upwards and cause bubbles to appear in the applied membrane.

Thereafter, the team installed the Enviroclad TPO membrane to the roof. This was installed up the entirety of the parapet wall and was terminated under new cap flashings to meet code requirements.

The membrane was installed using a Rhinobond system. This involves an induction fastening method to bond the membrane to the substrate. Utlising this method means there is no membrane penetration and that the system can be applied in cold weather conditions, where adhesive may not perform well.

This new waterproofing system now carries a new 20-year product warranty and 5-year warranty for workmanship. Additional works the team completed also involved;

  • Removing old and installing new HardieFlex external Cladding
  • Removing old and installing new ColourSteel 0.55mm parapet capping
  • Removing old and installing new internal ceiling tiles

The roof of the Anglesea Tower received a successful outcome. The project has

  • Increased the value of the property
  • Offers a complete watertight solution

This project highlights our Hamilton team’s ability to meet our brand promise;


Project Team

  • Estimator:  Kyle Maschek
  • Site Manager: Andy Meynell
  • Project Manager: Sonam Reddy
  • Health and Safety team: Alison Gamble and Daleen Claassen
  • Contract Representative: Alan Butterworth

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